New Jersey chef shares Yule Log holiday tradition

2023-01-09 21:01:55 By : Ms. Lucy Liu

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New Jersey chef shares Yule Log holiday tradition

by: Dan Mannarino, Hazel Sanchez, Jayson Troy

by: Dan Mannarino, Hazel Sanchez, Jayson Troy

New York (PIX11) The holidays are time when families break out delicious recipes and make treats for everyone to enjoy such as the yule log cake.

The yule log cake, as we know it, has a history behind it. Back in the day, families would burn actual logs on Christmas Eve to symbolize the new year and good luck. Somewhere over the years, the tradition evolved from burning a tree to making dessert replicas of the logs.

Chef Uyen Kirshenbaum, founder of Kirshenbaum Baking Co. in Westfield, New Jersey, makes her interpretation using sweet chocolate cake with a light cream filling. Kirshenbaum shares her recipe for the dessert below.

Separate eggs. In a bowl with either an electric hand mixer or stand mixer, whisk the egg whites on medium speed. Gradually sprinkle in 1 cup of sugar while it mixes until the whites become medium soft peaks. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.

Next, combine the egg yolks and the rest of the sugar in the mixing bowl and whisk on high speed until they thicken and triple in volume.

With a large rubber spatula, fold in half of the whipped egg whites into the whipped yolks. Next, gradually fold in the sifted cocoa powder. The batter will appear thick. Once the cocoa powder is folded in, fold in the rest of the egg whites.

Pour into a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350F or 10-12 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

The night before putting the Yule Log together, bring the cream and sugar to a boil. Pour over the dark chocolate and whisk well until all the chocolate is melted and the mix is homogenous. It should look like chocolate milk. Let the mixture cool overnight in the refrigerator.

Whisk the chocolate whipped cream until soft peaks form.

Flip the chocolate sponge onto a large cutting board lined with a piece of parchment paper or a clean kitchen towel, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Peel off the parchment from the sponge and spread a 1/4” layer of frosting over the cake. From the shorter end of the sponge, roll up the cake like a snail. Let it rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour to set.

Use the leftover whipped cream to frost the outside of the Yule Log. Decorate with sprinkles, candy, fruit etc.

Address: 62 Elm St. Westfield, NJ

Tuesday – Friday & Sunday: 8am-4pm


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New Jersey chef shares Yule Log holiday tradition

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